How it works?

Small Simulator 

  • Built to learn alpine carving for complete beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders
  • For slalom

Big Simulator

  • 30% more power means more G-force for advanced skiers and ski racers
  • Accelerations created by the drive system of the simulator result in a more efficient training of all elements of technique and rapid improvements in balance and reaction
  • For slalom and giant slalom turns

Sensors Track Your Motion

Multiple sensors track position of your skis on the slope, edging angles, and much more. The simulator knows what you are doing each and every second.

Software Creates the Exact Sensation of Skiing

You are able to ski multiple trails and race courses under different snow conditions including moguls and bumps.

Powerful Motors, Recreate the G-force

Hidden inside the motion platform of the ski simulator, computer controlled motors generate all the forces and elements of ski technique just as they are.

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality

Ski endless slope or pick slalom, GS or downhill. Jump onto Olympic tracks created by a multiple projectors, and a huge high-resolution panoramic screen.

Your Personal Ski Slopes

Ideal for ski enthusiasts looking to prep for the next season. It's also good for beginners wanting to establish a solid technique in a safe environment, or individuals seeking an exciting, out-of-the-ordinary workout.