• The Ultimate Indoor Snow Sports Experience


Hong Kong's First VR Alpine Ski Training School

Explore your personal full-fledged ski slopes, safe and warm with Ski Tech.

We are the first indoor skiing centre with SkyTech VR technologies approved by US Olympic Ski & Snowboard Team. We share our love and passion for snow sports by providing an opportunity for all skiers and riders to stay on the slopes even in Hong Kong. Our mission is to grow the winter sport community and get to meet all Hong Kong skiers and riders shining on the mountains. With our certified instructors, our professional approach to alpine training, master your technique so you can enjoy your next winter vacations in full.

Perfect for all levels:

Cutting-edge technology reproduces the exact sensation of going down the slope

Learn More About The Simulator

Learn the basics of skiing indoor, safe and warm

Master carving technique in several training sessions

An incredible workout that tones the core, abs and calves

Enjoy the true-to-life ski slope experience

Ski Tech enables you to choose trails, change snow conditions, set up live races with skiers and boarders and view your world-wide ranking. So true to life are reactions of the virtual slope to your skis or snowboard, you'll soon forget you are indoors. 

From Olympic 2018 Racing Track in Pyeongchang, to a family-friendly ski run in Wengen, simply click and hover on the ski track you would like to experience at Ski Tech!

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Why Choose Ski Tech?

Official Indoor Training Program

Prepare you physically to ski more volume, so you can improve you upper-lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knee and ankle.

Originally created as a training tool for professional athletes

Vest connected to power kinematics synced with the virtual slope terrain, up to 330lbs compression force.

Approved by U.S. Ski Team

A universal winter sports learning and training equipment for everyone from U.S. Ski Team Olympic skiers to complete beginners.


Ski Tech is my favorite year-round VR snowboard training center. 45 minutes of non-stop full body workout, without the need to queue for lift :)

Belinda, Snowboard lover from Hong Kong


"It's actually perfect for beginners and kids because they can learn and feel real parallel and carving skills and easily get out of habit of snow-plowing aka 'pizza turns'."

Haruna Numamori, former Japan National Team, Junior World Championship Top 8 Finisher


"With this simulator, skiers can improve upper and lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knee and ankle... You get the sensation that you're actually skiing... And it's fun !"

Ian, Ski-lover from Hong Kong


"Athletes can step in a little bit every couple of days and return to ski progression because we're putting the athletes in forces that are very similar to snow."

Sasha Rearick, US Ski Team Men's Coach


"Now, we think of it like it's not just a simulator, it's essentially a slope that you can control. You can put a small child on it or you can put an Olympic athlete on it."

Alex Golunov, SkyTech Sport US Executive Director

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Did you know...

An Olympic athlete spends on average 1,500 hours on the slope each year, out of which around 1,300 hours are wasted on the ski lift. That means 1 minute of training requires 10 minutes of time wasted to get back up the mountain. And then add to that travel costs...

Our cutting edge VR technology, combined with cosmic workout, learning and training advantages. Stay in shape off season and save the precious time at the mountain for real skiing.