Hong Kong’s best indoor ski & snowboard facility and school

Only indoor skiing with SkyTech VR technologies

U.S. Ski Team Member, Mikaela Shiffrin Overall World Cup champion, 
two Olympic Gold medals, four-time World Cup winner in slalom

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Great for:

Kids and beginners

Those who want to jump out of their comfort zone and step up to parallel and carving skiing in the safe condition

Intermediate and advanced skiers and riders

Those who want to reach the highest performance level with its proven technologies used by USA Olympic National team official training center

Holiday skiers and riders

Those who want to be physically fit before their snow vacation - NO MORE MUSCLE ACHE on your first day of your holiday!!


"With this simulator, skiers can improve upper and lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knee and ankle... You get the sensation that you're actually skiing... And it's fun !"

"Athletes can progressively step in a little bit at a time every couple of days and do the return to ski progression before they get on snow. Because we're putting the athletes in forces that are very similar to snow, we can let the body adapt step-by-step."

Sasha Rearick, US Ski Team Men's Coach

"Now, we think of it like it's not just a simulator, it's essentially a slope that you can control. And, you can put a small child on it or you can put an Olympic athlete on it."

Alex Golunov, SkyTech Sport US Executive Director

"It's actually perfect for beginners and kids because they can learn and feel real parallel and carving skills and easily get out of habit of snow-plowing [aka "pizza turns"].

Haruna Numamori, former Japan national team, Junior World Championship top 8 finisher