The simulator is used by professional instructors to teach skiers and snowboarders.
We at Ski Tech want to provide you with an enjoyable and safe skiing experience.

Perfect for
  • ● Adults & Kids over 7 years old (min. weight: 25kg)
  • ● Intermediate skiers/ snowboarders
  • ● Anyone who hasn’t been on the snow
  • ● Anyone who hasn’t skied in a while

1 Session is 45 min including:
  • Ski/Snowboard simulator
    Professional Instructor
    Movement analysis
    Boots rental
1 Session Price
  • HK$880 on Large machine or Small machine
  • $4,400 Buy 5 Sessions, Get 1 Free!
    $8,800 Buy 10 Sessions, Get 3 Free!!

* Use within 5 months
**Free locker with any package purchase (first come, first served)

Get prepared for the session:
  • ● Ski socks (or buy a pair from us at HK$150)
  • ● Sportswear

*You may bring your own boots if you wish
*Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you would like to cancel or reschedule your session.